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  • Fairview Heights, IL Furnace Problems: unit blowing cool air

    September 10, 2018 | Blog heating
  • A wide range of furnace problems can cause your furnace to blow cold rather than warm air. Before you start searching for heating contractors in Edwardsville, IL try to work out which of these common issues is causing your furnace to blow cold.

    Thermostat Set Incorrectly

    Before you start searching for serious problems with your furnace, first check the thermostat to ensure it is set to blow warm air. If the controls are set to “on,” the furnace fan will blow out air even when the furnace is not heating. Change this setting to “auto” to make your furnace only blow out warm air.

    Air Filter Needs Changing

    One of the most common furnace repairs is a simple filter change. When the air filters are dirty, they can block the flow of air into the furnace. This can cause the furnace to overheat, which triggers a safety mechanism to shut down the burners. Replacing the air filter is a job that some homeowners are comfortable doing themselves, but if you aren’t confident in your furnace maintenance skills, you can call a heating repair service for help.

    Pilot Light Out

    If the pilot light on your furnace has gone out, the air won’t be heated. Try relighting the furnace pilot light – if the flame stays lit, your furnace problems should be solved.

    If you can’t light the pilot light, the gas supply to the furnace may be disrupted. One easy fix is to clean the pilot light to allow the gas to flow out freely. If this does not work, the gas supply must be blocked somewhere else. Call a furnace installation and maintenance service to restore the gas supply.

    Sometimes, the problem is that the pilot light won’t stay lit. In this case, it is best to call a heating maintenance professional, who can adjust the pilot light to resolve the problem.

    Duct Leaks

    Leaks in the ducts that distribute hot air around your home can make it appear that your furnace is blowing cold air. Check the ducts in your crawlspace and attic for leaks, which could let in cold air.

    Can’t work out why your furnace is blowing cold air? Get in touch with a furnace maintenance service in Fairview Heights, IL today.